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Yep. “Your real Self is the Christ in you.” #SowLove.

Shiny Thoughts

I was talking to someone who I had just met and saying that I’d look out for her in church. She and I attend the same church, mingle in the same place between services but in a mass of a hundred people I realised I only recognise faces I know. The others are usually a mass of faces that don’t register for longer than a smile. Unless I have a reason for looking for someone I don’t know and scan a little harder or God pokes me to speak to someone new. I don’t think that’s unusual it’s a situation when there are just so many people and limited time and things we need to get on with and do. It’s not being rude or unfriendly it’s just practicality. But it is wonderful to have another person to recognise and hug/talk to.

It’s not just other people’s faces we don’t…

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