When There Are No Words

Jessica Lee

one race

Syrian refugees fleeing their country.

Tragedy and terrorism in Paris.

Racial tensions rising from sea to shining sea.

Everywhere I turn, fear and hatred echo like resounding thunder. I can’t escape it. It’s like an enveloping fog that I can’t wait to get out of. It’s so heavy that I’m smothering beneath it. Unresponsive. Speechless.

And even though I sit with an open mind respectful to the views of others, the truth is I don’t understand it at all.

Can we talk intelligently about free college education without referring to supporters as entitled brats?

Can we look at the mother swiping her food stamp card in the check-out line without assuming she has no job and just lives to leach off of the back’s of others?

Can we acknowledge that President Obama is the leader of our nation, put our judgements aside and show some respect for a man doing a…

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