Everything Is Political

A Most Powerful Light

Yes. 💞. And music soothes the savage beast, some say.

Messages for a New Era...The Elders


Life can be a bumpy, hazardous journey but it is up to each of us to make sure that we “step” out of that crazy journey and into a world of enlightenment and living for others.  Each individual must let the Light of our Creator shine into our physical body so as to stoke the emerging Light within the core of our physical body.  As that Light begins to glimmer with a glow that so many others become aware of . . .  a change of spiritual enlightenment takes on more energy and a true enlightenment occurs.

As all humans are given a choice of either a Life of living in a physical world where the darkness begins to take over or living a world in helping others to achieve their goals.  We are all blessed with that most powerful Light glowing within our physical body.  As a new born…

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