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The Ecological Self


In the industrial north we are largely brought up in a culture of individualism, which promotes the idea that humans are separate from, and superior to, the rest of nature.

The Ecological Self (central to the school of Experiential Deep Ecology) is well described by psychological theories that see the self as arising from a dynamic web of relationships.

Elizabeth Ann Bragg¹ sums up the concept in the following points:

  • Ecological self is a wide, expansive or field-like sense of self, which ultimately includes all life-forms, ecosystems and the Earth itself.
  • Experiences of ecological self involve:
    1. an emotional resonance with other life-forms;
    2. a perception of being similar, related to, or identical with other life-forms;
    3. spontaneously behaving towards the ecosphere as one would towards one’s small self (with nurture and defence).
  • It is possible to expand one’s sense of self from the personal to the ecological.

The School of Experiential Deep Ecology…

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