Everything Is Political

” … but will we see it before it’s too late”?

My sentiments exactly!

Woodgate's View


I’m always amazed at how some people on the one hand are easily convinced that our national interests are somehow tied to the civil unrest in countries on the other side of the globe, convinced how imperative it is that we take action before it’s too late.  On the other hand, they feel no compulsion to act at all on the preponderance of science that warns we are headed for tragic consequences if we do not change our fossil fuel consumption habits.

When there is little evidence to support the notion of intervention requiring vast expenditures and human life in civil matters of other countries and huge amounts of evidence to support the threat of man-made global warming, who is at the helm creating the message that one is more important than the other?  Could it be the same ones who argue that greed is good and that the increased…

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